The best of outdoor cooking.

Big Green Egg


The original Kamado since 1974.

From ancient Japan to NASA technology.

More than 3000 years ago in Japan, “kamado” (from Japanese oven or stove) was used as a traditional wood-fired clay oven. At the beginning of the last century American soldiers discovered the “kamado” and took it back home as a souvenir. Since 1974, the millennial model continued to be refined with the help of current knowledge and production techniques and innovative materials, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. NASA’s advanced ceramic manufacturing technology has also contributed to the creation of this extraordinary outdoor kitchen appliance: the Big Green Egg.


Inspire people from all over the world and make them feel happy enjoying the most exquisite and authentic flavors that nature offers us. This is what motivates us! Expand your culinary universe. Let your imagination run wild and spice up life!

Reliable and sustainable

No other kitchen appliance is so reliable, sustainable, technically insulating, and weather resistant. The outside temperature does not affect the inside temperature at all. The heat bounces off the ceramic and creates an air movement that gives all the dishes an exceptional flavor: quite an experience!

Definitive flavors

The beautiful and functional design of the Egg together with the use of superior quality materials, make the Big Green Egg the best of the best. Thanks to its unique heating system, flavors emerge without equal when cooking, baking, braising, braising or smoking your favorite dishes.

Low consumption

Made with NASA’s revolutionary ceramic technology. This top-quality ceramic has extraordinarily insulating properties and is acclimated to extreme temperatures, as well as allowing a very low consumption of charcoal.


Give a unique and special touch to your cuts in each roast meat.


Achieve an unbeatable flavor in your food recipes.


Smoke your favorite cuts for hours at low temperatures.


Obtain results superior to those of conventional ovens.

Ancestral wisdom.

New technologies.


Big Green Egg stands out for being the most versatile outdoor cooking and barbecue product on the market.


The materials used in its manufacture together with the use of charcoal make the Big Green Egg super economical.


Get the most out of it. From all kinds of appetizers to main dishes and of course! desserts to remember.


The highest quality ‘Premium Lump Charcoal’ charcoal generates a really small amount of ash.

How the Big Green Egg is made.

Solid quality. Superior ceramics.

For more than 25 years, each Big Green Egg has been manufactured in Mexico’s high-tech production facilities. Our factory only employs professionals specialized in working ceramics at high temperatures.

We are proud of our exclusive alliance with this partner, which assures us that their specialization and experience will be focused on manufacturing only the kamado Big Green Egg. This exclusivity allows us to keep the secret formula, key in the production process.

There are many kamados, but Big Green Egg is not just any kamado. It’s the original kamado!

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