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Kamado Big Green Egg FAQs

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About Big Green Egg

How much does a Big Green Egg cost?

There are several models and sizes to which you can add accessories and modules to tailor your Big Green Egg. Check which measures and models best suit your needs and which basic accessories we recommend. All prices are detailed so that you are informed, but if you want, you can contact your nearest authorized point of sale and they will advise and budget for you.

What components of the Big Green Egg are included?

When you buy a Big Green Egg, in addition to the kamado itself, the thermometer for the dome and the stainless steel grid will be included. If the model you buy is a MinMax, in addition to the above, it includes the support with handles and legs.

Where can I see the Big Green Eggs in person?

Seeing the Big Green Eggs in real size, touching the qualities of the ceramic, knowing the most convenient accessories on site will help you make the decision and solve doubts.

Why am I interested in buying at an authorized point of sale?

Like many other high-end products, Big Green Egg is available only through authorized distributors, who guarantee the original product, great knowledge of the same and customer support.

The Big Green Eggs that you can find on the Internet, through discount pages or online stores, are NOT authorized sales and we do not know the origin of the product, so we do not guarantee the quality and service offered.

It is important that you check if the Big Green Egg seller is authorized or not, in the face of possible warranty claims that you need to make.

Where is the Big Green Egg made?

The kamado Big Green Egg is the original ceramic kiln since 1974. All ceramic elements are produced in Mexico under high quality and technology certificates such as ISO14001: 2004 Environmental Certification and ISO9001-1944 Quality Certifications. The rest of the components are designed in Atlanta (USA). Big Green Egg is a 100% American made kamado.

How to use the Big Green Egg

Before using your BGE for the first time ...

When debuting your Big Green Egg and turning it on for the first time, we recommend that you keep it turned on without introducing any food for at least 30 minutes. Light the charcoal and close the Egg with the dome (lid). Leave the front draft and top valve open for air to circulate and allow the EGG to warm up for about half an hour. After this time, close the draft and the valve and let the EGG turn off. In this way we will have “started” the Egg and it will be ready to start cooking!

Can I use charcoal briquettes or lighter fluid in the EGG?

Please don’t ever use it! The briquettes are made of different materials, including nitrates, chemicals, anthracite coal, limestone, treated wood, starch, sawdust and petroleum products. Does anyone want to cook with these ingredients? We recommend using Big Green Egg natural charcoal, so that we ensure the use of clean charcoal from controlled origin. Being natural, it burns very efficiently, producing very little ash, which facilitates cleaning and maintenance.

Never use lighter fluid! Not only do you NOT NEED IT, but you will avoid adding a chemical flavor to your food. The Big Green Egg ignition pads are 100% natural and allow you to light your Big Green Egg cleanly and quickly.

I have used lighter fluid and now it smells like chemical ...

If you have used lighter fluid in your EGG, you will have to light it and leave it until it reaches 260 ° C and the charcoal is consumed without incorporating ANY FOOD. You will need to do this several times to burn off the liquid residue and the odor.

What is the ConvEGGtor and why should I have one?

The convEGGtor is used for indirect heat cooking in the Big Green Egg, thereby imposing a barrier between the food and the flame, turning your EGG into a ceramic oven. The convEGGtor’s design allows heat to move into the dome while preventing it from going directly into the food. Nothing brings more versatility to our Egg than adding a convEGGtor to your Big Green Egg accessory collection.

Why can't I reach a temperature higher than 180ºC?

Simply put, the incoming and outgoing air volume is what controls the temperature of your EGG. By adjusting the top valve and the front draft, you can precisely regulate the temperature of your Big Green Egg kamado (if you open both you will let in a greater amount of air that will increase the interior temperature).

Some possible reasons why you cannot increase the temperature in your EGG are:

  • You don’t use enough charcoal. We recommend that you put natural Big Green Egg charcoal until the charcoal bin is full. We recommend you to watch our video “On and Off” where we show you how to do it properly.
  • Use of charcoal. Coal can accumulate moisture from exposure to water, rain, or ambient humidity, despite its dry appearance. You must always store the charcoal in a place that ensures its isolation from the environmental elements.
  • Air flow is reduced by clogging the bunker holes with ash or excess ash at the base of the Egg. Simply remove ash from the base with the Ash Removal Tool and clean the holes in the charcoal kiln to maximize air flow. We recommend you watch the “Cleaning and Maintenance” video to get the most out of your EGG.
  • The thermometer does not read the temperature correctly on the EGG. Learn how to properly calibrate the thermometer by reading the following question.

How far should I keep the EGG from a combustible material?

The ceramic base of the EGG generates a lot of heat and can cause combustion when positioned directly or in close proximity to a combustible material. Never leave the EGG on, with the dome open and unattended. Be aware of possible dry leaves, pallets or other combustible materials that may be close to your EGG while using it, as they can cause a fire if a small flame contacts them.

Check what materials surround your EGG when you use it camping or other outdoors, as a flame can cause damage to people or property around you. Be aware of local ordinances that specify distances of use or limit its use at different times of the year.

DO NOT USE YOUR EGG INDOOR, unless you have a professional installation with adequate extractions and ventilation according to the regulation for professional establishments. If not, the EGG should be outdoors, away from other structures. Burning wood and charcoal causes carbon monoxide, which is dangerous, even lethal.

DO NOT light or use your EGG near a storage location or inside a garage or enclosed patio where there may be fumes or combustible materials.

Is there an online recipe book?

We have something better! On our website we have a large number of recipes and videos that we are updating and enlarging. Visit our RECIPES section and if you have not yet registered, sign up and you will receive them promptly in your mailbox.

Components, service and maintenance

How do I get spare parts for my EGG?

Everything you need for your EGG can be requested at your nearest authorized point of sale. If your authorized point of sale does not have the spare parts or accessories you need in stock, they can order them for you, you just have to indicate your needs and in a few days you will be able to pick up your order.

How often do I need to clean my EGG?

The ash has to be removed regularly from the bunker to allow the air to flow correctly (something very simple with the Ash Removal Tool). Beyond that, the Big Green Egg has a green glazed exterior that guarantees a good condition for life and that cleans without the need for chemical cleaners – just wipe with a damp cloth. The internal heat that reaches the lit EGG destroys the remains of grease, like a pyrolytic oven. So other than removing the ash, wiping and brushing the grates, there is no regular cleaning required. NEVER USE CHEMICAL CLEANERS ON YOUR EGG.

How do I clean the ConvEGGtor and the Pizza Stone?

The convEGGtor and Pizza Stone contain a natural patina key to their effectiveness and durability. For good maintenance, once both ceramics are cool, scrape with a dry brush and then wipe with a damp cloth. Over time and use, both ceramics will darken and stains will appear. This is normal and does not affect the taste of food. DO NOT PLACE THE CERAMICS IN WATER OR IN THE DISHWASHER.

The Dome is not aligned with the base ...

It is important that before mounting your new EGG you view the videos to make sure that you adjust the different elements correctly and everything is aligned. If after following the steps, the dome does not align with the base, contact your point of sale for a solution.

The dome is sealed to the base and cannot be opened

In very rare cases the dome of your EGG could be sealed / closed due to its lack of use and permanence in environments with fluctuating temperatures. If you still have charcoal in it, you can try lighting it through the front draft, as gently heating the Egg helps open the dome. Insert a Big Green Egg ignition tablet through the front shot so that it ignites the charcoal inside from the base.

Another way to open the Egg, – ONLY WHEN IT IS COLD – is to carefully insert a flat element (such as a spatula) between the dome and the base (between the felt gasket) and go over the entire circumference of the EGG. This should serve to detach the dome and open your EGG.

CAUTION !!: TO AVOID A WARRANTY ISSUE, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FORCE, LEVER OR PRESS THE EGG OPENING, AS THIS MAY CRACK OR DAMAGE THE CERAMIC! Once the EGG is opened, check the felt gasket for damage and replace it if necessary.

How can I calibrate the dome thermometer?

If you think the dome thermometer is reading the internal temperature of your EGG incorrectly, first make sure that none of the reasons discussed in the previous question are occurring. If you have already checked this, carefully remove the thermometer from the dome and place the dome needle in boiling water, being very careful not to touch the base of the saucepan. Please be extremely careful as boiling water can injure you. We recommend that during this process you hold the thermometer with pliers and put on a protective glove. After about a minute, the thermometer should read 100 ° C. If not, adjust the gauge by turning the nut on the bottom of the thermometer with a 7/16 ″ wrench. Turn the nut in the direction needed to align the gauge to the proper temperature and repeat the previous step to verify that it is correct. We insist, EXTREME PRECAUTIONS WITH BOILING WATER.

Can I use the Egg directly on a board or wood?


The ceramic base of your EGG generates a lot of heat when in use and can cause combustion if placed directly or in close proximity to a combustible material. The EGG is designed to stand on metal legs or base, allowing air to flow between the base and the surface. Alternatively, a paver block can be used between the Egg and the table surface. When you’re done cooking, always close the front draft and the top valve.

I have an EGG XL and the dome only opens halfway, what do I do?

If this happens to you, it is because you have overtightened the hinge bolts and need to loosen them slightly. It is also recommended that you occasionally lubricate the hinge, with a dry lubricant, especially if your EGG lives outside without a cover. If after this recommendation the problem persists, contact your authorized point of sale.

My EGG doesn't quite fit on the base with legs / wheels

First, check that you have purchased the correct leg / caster base for the size of your EGG and that the EGG is aligned correctly towards the front of the base and has been positioned at a right angle, with the vinyl pads in place. If so, make sure all the internal components of the EGG are installed as the weight naturally pushes the EGG into the base. You can apply light pressure to seat the EGG in the nest-base, but don’t try to force it.

Is it possible to buy the dome or the base separately?

Yes, all components of the Big Green Egg are available separately and can be purchased from an authorized point of sale.