Big Green Egg XLarge


The Big Green Egg XLARGE is perfect for catering in large meetings, whether private or business. In addition to having all the advantages of the LARGE, the XLARGE also has a huge grill, with almost double the capacity.

Thanks to the size of this kamado, large groups of people can enjoy deliciously prepared ingredients and dishes together.

Big Green Egg XLarge


Big Green Egg XLarge.

You are made for each other.


Do you have a very large family or group of friends? Or do you cook professionally, for example in a catering for large groups? In such a case, the Big Green Egg XLarge is your accomplice. You will ensure that large groups can enjoy deliciously prepared ingredients and dishes together.

With a 24-inch cooking surface, large pieces of meat or fish or several pizzas at the same time will no longer be a fantasy, but a fantastic reality.

What if 61 centimeters is not quite enough? Then expand the cooking surface with the special 2- and 3-tier racks for the XLarge, and you can cook to a high level.

XLarge kamado.

The best of outdoor cooking.

As a foodie, there is one thing you know for sure: with a Big Green Egg you take home (well, to the garden, to the terrace or to the balcony) a top quality kamado.

In addition to grilling, with a Big Green Egg you can fry, smoke, steam, and simmer.

And the EGG is not simply a barbecue, but a complete outdoor kitchen, where you can make pizzas, smoke fish, cook meat over low heat and do everything that can also be done in a normal oven.

The culinary possibilities with a Big Green Egg are endless.


You are made for each other.

  • Grill diameter: 61 cm
  • Cooking surface: 2919 cm²
  • Weight: 99 kg
  • Height: 78 cm (without stand)
  • Examples of capacity: 24 hamburgers, 8 steaks, 11 chickens or meats from 12 to 14 kg


Using your steakhouse grill is so quick and simple you’ll end up looking for reasons to stay home to use your steak grill and enjoy cuts, burgers, or fish on your Big Green Egg grill.


Get ready to receive congratulations from your guests by offering a perfect roast meat, suckling pig, kid, chicken, turkey or lamb roasted on the Big Green Egg grill; Thanks to its specialized capabilities, your food will have unsurpassed juice retention and the most flavorful roasts you’ve ever tried.


With Big Green Egg you will have the flexibility from a meat grill to a low temperature smoker, controlling ranges from 90 to 175 ° C and providing succulent results with bisket, chicken, ribs or a delicious roast meat with any of your favorite cuts. Do you want to simmer for up to 18 hours? … No problem, with your Big Green Egg grill, you are in control!


The Big Green Egg can be used as a grill, barbecue for meat, oven for bread, pizza, cookies, with results superior to those of common ovens. After trying it, it will be difficult to return to your conventional oven.

Assembly of Big Green Egg XLarge.


Enjoy Big Green Egg XLarge.



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